Top 5 Things You Didn't Know About MOMO Pro Stock Scanner

Many of our features are customer-inspired and if you are in software you know it can be difficult to incorporate these features into your platform while not destroying the usability.  In order to accomplish these requests, you sometimes have to make some of these features a bit more discrete or in other cases - hidden.  

Lately, despite having documentation (or perhaps because of it) users have been asking about capabilities we already have.  So here is a review of the top 5 things we figured you already knew, but apparently did not!

Options - MOMO is built to support different traders and styles.  While borne out of our own personal approach for chasing momentum, we have evolved in a way that that also helps scalpers and active investors.  And in the case of this feature - options traders.  While we don't have options chains, we do provide traders the ability to filter stocks which are optionable throughout the platform which is fundemental to ensuring you don't waste time watching stocks without options.

To access:  Settings > General

Settings include:  OFF (do not filter or display icon), ICON (show degree symbol next to stocks with underylying options and Filter (only show stocks with Options in Stream and Discovery).  Read more...

NOTE: When first evaluating MOMO Pro do not set to Filter as you may feel MOMO is not showing breakouts that you are seeing on social media or other sources.  Recommend setting to OFF or ICON until comfortable with MOMO Pro.

CSV  Discovery Download - Traders who want to analyze data in spreadsheets or other tools have need export Discovery data.  In order to do so we have provided a CSV download.  This feature is "hidden" behind the Discovery logo and appears when mousing over the logo.

Discovery CSV Download

Price Pin - If you have ever wanted to track performance of stocks over days or weeks, Price Pin is for you.  Price Pin tracks performance immediately upon adding as a Favorite or following reset.  Read more...

Price Pin with Reset

Custom Streams - Ever have the need to have multiple breakout Streams?  Well Custom Streams lets you.  With Custom Streams you can define an alternate Stream which you can either upload a CSV( or add manually), use our Popular list for automatically watching the most active stocks on MOMO, use your Favorites, or simply just have another filtered list.  Read more...

MOMO Main & Alt Custom Streams

Neural Voice - Rather hear your scans audibly?  Our voice notifications use AI generated voices to provide lifelike voices to your scans.  Chose from  5 male and female voices and assign them to one or more scan.   For example,  assign the British female voice to new Stream highs and assign the American Male voice to new Stream lows. Read more...

Halt Alerts with Resume (Bonus!) - Many of you don't know we also have a Halt notifications.  These need to be enabled in Settings, but once enabled you are armed with instant knowledge of halts and reason codes.  "Resume" notifications are also included.  Read more...

That sums it up.  These are the top things MOMO Pro users typically ask us about that they didn't realize we already do.  Let us know if you need further clarification.

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Team @ Mometic