Use New MOMO Price Pin to Track Stock Moves

A few months back a trading house sent us a list of requirements they were looking for in a stock scanner.  One of the capabilities they wanted was to be able to track a stocks performance since it was added to the watch list (we call it our Favorites or Favorite Quotes).

Price Pin Feature

We didn't have this functionality, but thought it was a great idea.  We also thought we could improve on it by giving everyone the ability to reset the Price Pin similar to an odometer reset.  So we did!

Click to Reset Price Pin to Current Price

With our Price Pin you can now uniquely track the performance since the point which you add the symbol or the last time it was reset.

We have been using in our beta for a bit and can't live without it.  What we have found is that not only is it great for keeping tabs on new positions, regardless of whether currently traded, but it keeps us honest and prevents that mental price slippage we all tend to have when we miss a move that we had intentions of playing.  

Here is how it works:

When you add a new Stock to Favorites (using the + icon or "/" on keyboard" we add the symbol showing the daily high/low as well as the percent change and current price.  

With Price Pin we begin to calculate the positive or negative move since the addition to Favorites.  Like an odometer, the gain/loss percentage is 0.00%.  Over the days and weeks we will accumulate the gains (losses) since the addition.  

If you ever wish to reset the Price Pin, simply tap on the Pin icon.  It will reset the price to the current price reflecting a 0% change.  

Hope you enjoy as much as we do.

Happy Trading!

Team @ Mometic