Options: New feature in MOMO Pro!

With the fever for returns in full FOMO, a popular request has been options visibility. In the past, we have been hesitant to furnish this to help save you from having to post your loss on WSB.  However, rest assured - you can now visually see and filter whether or not a stock is optionable from MOMO Pro.

Every evening we will re-index the system to update optionable stock listing.  This will allow us to identify which stocks have options and which do not.  

We are providing 2 ways to show whether or not a stock has underlying options. We not only think this is unique, but highly useful.  Check out the video below or keep reading to learn about the differences.

The two modes are Icons and Filter.  Each are described below to help clarify the differences.

Icons only - Within the High/Low Stream and Discovery you can select the "Icon" view to show both optionable stocks AND non-optionable stocks but with a visual indicator for those with support.  (We chose a small circle as it looks like an o for option.)

Filter - When "Filter" is chosen, both the  High/Low Stream and Discovery will actively only show stocks which are optionable.  (With the exception of any quotes or favorites you have added.  These will be included in both Stream and Discovery and bypass the filter as they are considered important by you.)

That is it.  Happy Trading... with leverage.