MOMO Pro+ Delivers Most Powerful Stock Alerts — By Far!

MOMO started out as the first mobile app to use APN push for realtime high/low notifications in IOS back in 2015.  Now we have evolved to not only send high/low alerts, but 5 other alert types including "Conditional alerts" or complex alerts which don't require scripting or programming.

With MOMO Pro, you can stay abreast of the market and your stocks wherever you may be, whether at the desk or on the go.  Because MOMO Pro is cloud-based the alerts and settings work on all your devices — as it should,  it is 2022.  

Not only that, our alerts are "set and forget".  Meaning there is no daily reconfiguration needed once the alert hits a price.  We found that while momentum trading it was best to let the stock run and stay aware of the gains, but when they exhausted, and we receive an alert of a new low or such we simply take our gains.  No longer need the alert, just disable.

Those of course are just the basics.  Here are some of the other powerful things built into our stock alerts which we think makes them the best in class.

  • No limits on number of daily alerts sent
  • No limits on number of alerts set* (we have one user with over a 100, unsure how that works for him, but glad it works for him). *Conditional alerts are limited to 5 alert types, but no complaints on this to date.
  • Map Conditional Alerts to our Neural Voice Notifications to receive audible notification.
  • Build complex boolean Conditional Alerts with our 10 different conditionals without scripting or coding.
  • Integrate all alert notifications to 3rd party services with our Webhook API.  (e.g. send alerts to SMS, Zapier, IFTTT, Discord, etc.)

For clarity, we have 6 different alert types.  High/Low alerts and Halt alerts are available on all plans.  Unusual Volume (aka Relative Volume)  Price % change, VWAP Dist% alerts are available on MOMO Pro, while Conditional Alerts are exclusively available on MOMO Pro+.

What are Conditional Alerts?  Where most alerts are based on the stock symbol you enter; such as, "report all new highs and lows for AAPL at $.25 change in sensitivity". Conditional Alerts let you uncover the stocks which meet the criteria you set.  

Let's look at a couple of examples:

This Conditional Alert is built to highlight MOMO Trend Changes.  What this will do is report all stocks which have a 10% gain, having a minimum of 3M avg shares traded with MOMO Trend state switching from a SELL to a BUY based on 4 hour timeframe.  This is important because Price% and Trend Change will report differently depending on timeframe.  (e.g. 10% daily gain is versus prior day close where 4hr timeframe is based vs. prior 4hr close).

Sample MOMO Pro Conditional Alert with Trend Change 

The second example highlights MOMO Squeeze, an indicator exclusive to MOMO Pro+.  As you may know, the squeeze indicator orginated as a charting indicator for visualizing periods of contraction and expansion.  We repurposed to allow you to define conditions.  As shown, we are looking for any result with at least 7 daily periods of consolidator (PRE) or also currently in a breakout (NOW) with at least 1.5% of movement and 35% unusual volume .  This assigned to any biotech and 1 other category basing the evaluations on daily numbers

Sample MOMO Pro Alert with MOMO Squeeze 

For review, here are the available alert conditions.

  • Average Volume
  • Float
  • Last (Price)
  • Momentum
  • Price %
  • UVol (Unusual Volume or Relative Volume)
  • MoneyFlow (in $:  Current Volume * VWAP)
  • MoneyFlow% (% change in MoneyFlow)
  • Squeeze (PRE, NOW, POST)
  • Trend (Current State: Buy/Sell)
  • Trend Change (if Change in State: from Buy -> Sell or Sell -> Buy)
Available Conditions for MOMO Pro+ Conditional Alerts

That is it for now, but be assured once you get MOMO Alerts configured to your trading needs, you will be alerted to unforseen opportunities everyday.

Happy Trading!

Team @ Mometic