Neural Voice Notifications for MOMO Pro - Now Available!

Happy to announce availability of our  neural voice notifications (also known as a stock squawk). We are super excited about our approach. Not only will this be a game-changer for those who are visually impaired, but it will be awesome for anyone who wants to multi-task and not stare at their screen for price action.

Here are the highlights!

r/MOMOStockScanner - Neural Voice Notifications for MOMO Pro.

MOMO Neural Voice Notification Sample (Company Name Option)

MOMO Pro Voice Notification Features:

- Lifelike natural voices notifications using neural voice synthesis. Less fatigue and annoyance than from the robotic sounding screen readers.

- 5 lifelike voices to choose - variety of male/female voices from around the world.

- Assignable to various MOMO regions - Select which voice you want for over 7 assignable regions. (highs, lows, alt highs, alt lows, popular, halts,  quotes, and even conditional alerts with MOMO Pro+)

- Built in pacing & buffering - MOMO has built-in logic to prevent voices from overlapping and repeating across channels. Also we include a buffering option to adjust the pacing between notifications.

- Supports all devices and browsers! IOS, Windows, Android, MacOS. Great to use on the go while keeping tabs on breakouts.

- Option to notify via Company Name or Symbol - our favorite feature. Chose company name for those unfamiliar with the symbols or wanting to better track the move.

- Available for all plans! (assignment zones limited based on chosen plan)

Download link: