We Think StockTwits is the Best News Partner

StockTwits is not without its shortcomings as the noise level can be high and sustained, but in our day to day trading activity we find there are few other resources that quickly help identify and discuss stock activity on nearly every US stock. Upgrades, downgrades, secondary offerings, rumors, and general news is typically touched on to give MOMO users timely datapoints for price action and, in many cases, provide links to external resources and articles if you want to research further.

We have integrated with StockTwits in 3 ways...


The "social news curation" that StockTwits offers is in our mind, much more efficient than chasing through paywall links, logins, and stale sites trying to find the source article - and that's why we use it!

We also capitalize on StockTwits' trending function so when a stock is trending on StockTwits and simultaneously reaches a new high or low, we highlight the stock's social activity next to the streaming price.

Lastly, we allow you to engage with StockTwits (and other social messaging tools/sites including Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, email, and SMS). In two taps, you can share the recent discovery directly to StockTwits and your followers.

We have a few other thoughts on tying in StockTwits, but let us know if you have an idea.

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