Top MOMO Stock Alert Features - Request Here.

We are very fortunate to have no shortage of new ideas come from our community. In addition to our own planned features, we have a wealth of opportunity.

We know the #1 feature request is Android support and are finally making forward progress on this after an extended delay.

Beyond Android, here are a few ideas we have heard from you. It's time to speak up if you want to share how you'd like to see these features implemented or provide any additions.

As always, we appreciate the positive feedback and welcome hearing from you. It's clear the big guys (Scottrade, E*trade, Robinhood, etc) are not focused on providing stock streaming functionality, so we will pick up the slack and continue to work to make MOMO the best (and most valuable) stock app on your phone-- whether an iPhone or Samsung.

Top MOMO feature suggestions:

  • Realtime stock quote functionality - e.g. Enter stock symbol and return specific stock detail.

  • Additional exchange support

  • Additional stock filters/screeners: volume filter, price filters

  • Trading integration

  • Stock news & earnings calendar data

  • Stock charting

Our top priority and immediate focus is getting Android out, but we are also firming up our future features. Send suggestions to:

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