Understanding Global Market Leading Indicators

The other day I had a MOMO subscriber reach out and share how he recently subscribed and had been looking for something like MOMO for some time.  (I swear we don't try and hide and our SEO is actually decent).  

While talking he shared what he did and I was fascinated as what he does is a huge driver to the market movements and wanted to share in case you are unfamiliar with the space and/or want to get access to this data.  

Jeffrey Landsberg is the managing director of Commodore Research, a research firm focused on capturing what is known as dry bulk imports and exports.  You may have heard of the Baltic Dry Index, what Jeffrey does is closely aligned with this index but he dives into the details and delves into supply and demand commodity forecasts for particular regions.  With this type of insight, you can make your own assertions as to how the overall world economy is truly functioning despite media claims.

Excerpt from Commmodore Research Sept 21st Dry Bulk Report

The pandemic has also really exasperated the need for some grounded and "raw" insight into the global economy and believe dry bulk supply & demand provides this grounding.  

As someone who is always looking for solid data, I felt other MOMO users would be as well and offered to share his research.  To lend some credibility, Jeffrey shared that Commodore Research's customers include 10 of the largest investment banks.  Their tagline also states their clients include "many of the world's largest hedge funds, trading houses, shipowners, banks, governments, miners, and commodity end-users."  

If you are interested in subscribing to the report, visit https://www.commodore-research.com/.  As you may imagine this type of curated research does come at an expense, however, Jeffrey was kind enough to furnish a recent report for everyone to review.

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