Technical Update: 400%+ Improvement in MOMO Pro Stream Performance

As trite as it may sound, we continually strive to improve our backend architecture when not adding new features.  It's an unhealthy obsession, and it's a constant challenge as adding new functions and filters degrades performance a little with each update.

And while nobody has complained, we've noticed our performance slip over the past 6 months so we dove in for a deep dive... And have not only recovered the recent performance loss, but that and then some.

I know this isn't a big concern for you (since you didn't complain) but its been a thorn in our side and want to share and get off our chest.  

The Stream is now working amazingly well.  We are seeing a dramatic decrease in time from receipt of data to screen display for the Stream and also seeing less variability while under load.  Which truth be told, meant we would occasionally drop prints. While the loss was under 1 to 2% at extreme times, it still was not acceptable.  

What's next?  Well that's the exciting part! We can now built more functionality without slowing us down.  Stay tuned.

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Happy trading!