Pro Trader Review: MOMO in Action

Evan Medeiros is founder and CEO of The Trade Risk, where he teaches traders how to make money in the market. Evan has been trading since 2010 and educating on his website since 2012. He also publishes a free weekly market newsletter.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been using a powerful new app in my day to day trading routine. It’s called MOMO. It’s a slick, unique app that streams real-time stock momentum data.

I’ve found this to be an extremely useful app not only for generating trading ideas, but for trade management, gauging market health, and general market awareness. I want to share with you some of the ways I’ve incorporated MOMO into my trading routine:

Screen based on sectors of interest######

First, I created a customized layout based on sectors of interest. MOMO has the capability to deliver lots of information to you instantaneously. By default, you’ll receive streaming data across all sectors of the market. Occasionally I’m interested in seeing the complete picture, but generally, I filter down.

I choose to filter based on the industries I’ve already identified as ready to move, market leaders based on the scans and homework I do the night before.

For example, if Technology and Cyclicals have been breaking out and seeing rotation, those are the sectors I’ll have turned on. This eliminates the noise from less ideal sectors and helps surface the ideas I really care about.

Discover new trade opportunities######

The next area where MOMO really excels is in helping me discover new trade opportunities. This is an easy one, and the most obvious reason why everyone should use this app. Finding good ideas is important to all traders, regardless of timeframe or strategy. Those good ideas reveal themselves every day in MOMO.

Once I have my sectors identified I’ll then start to watch the MOMO stream throughout the day to see what names are hitting new highs and new 52 week highs. As the names filter through, I’ll also keep an eye on the number of times a stock has made a new high in the day so I can better understand the consistency of buying (or selling) pressure.

For example, if a stock has a high number of new highs towards the end of the day, this tells me it has been in strong demand and deserves further research to see if it meets my criteria for a swing trade candidate.

Get alerted when your stocks are breaking out#####

After analyzing the data surrounding highs and lows, I like to get notified when my stocks of choice make a move. Using the alert functionality in MOMO allows me to closely track the stocks I care about. If I have to step out of the office during the day, I can easily set push notification alerts on stocks that I own, or that I’m watching, to quickly get my attention if they start moving while I’m away.

The benefit of push notifications is that they’ll only notify me if something interesting is happening. This is far more time efficient than checking quotes every 5 minutes.

Analyze market pressure######

Finally, I wrap up by using MOMO to analyze under the hood market pressure. If I want a quick way to assess buying or selling pressure, I’ll turn off all of my sector filters and use the MOMO heads up swing meter.

It’s very easy to visually interpret who's in control of the major averages based on the graphical representation. Additionally, I’ll keep the major indices on alert (SPY, IWM, etc) to be notified when new highs or lows are being made throughout the day.

There’s plenty of other ways you can take advantage of MOMO but these are the top 4 that have helped me save time during the day, discover new trading opportunities, and help manage existing positions.

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