New! Send MOMO alerts via SMS

When we moved to a web app we knew one of the trade-offs we would be making would impact IOS users who used our legacy apps for the built-in notifications.   We had hoped that Apple would loosen its stance at some point and allow web notifications (like everyone else!), but that has not happened.  

Our options were limited... until now!  With our new MOMO Pro webhook API you can now easily send SMS alerts to your device and get MOMO stock alerts.

Zapier is one popular option that lets you copy & click through a couple steps to connect webhooks.  There are several alternatives, but we've used Zapier in the past and they all work similarly.  Twilio is another option which is a bit more advanced.  There is also which is only $5/month with fast speeds.

To begin, create a account and click the following link to load the SMS messages via webhook template.

Send SMS messages via new webhooks
Stop wasting time with manual messages. Set up this integration, which automatically sends a customizable notification via SMS as soon as a new webhook is sent to a specified URL.

The process is very straightforward.  Just copy the webhook URL and paste into your desired MOMO webhook notification.

Copy Zapier Webhook URL

After you set up your account and select the Zapier Webhook to SMS template, copy the Zapier Webhook URL (above) and paste into appropriate MOMO webhook alert and save.

Link </> to Load Webhook Window (MOMO Pro+ Only)

Important - you will need to set up associated MOMO alerts otherwise there will be nothing to send to Zapier.  

Paste Copied Webhook URL and Save.

After pasting Zapier URL into MOMO, you next need to assign your SMS number in Zapier (below).

Add your mobile number to send SMS messages

Next set up the action by passing through the information shared in the MOMO webhook event to what you want in the SMS payload.  In most cases, the [Msg] field should suffice.

Lastly, you will be presented with option to test your SMS settings.  Doing so will send you an SMS to your device.  Once complete you are free to  turn on your "Zap" and begin getting MOMO alerts via SMS!

Zapier has many different plan options and this new option from Zapier is instant and only $13 a month.  We haven't tried but at $5 a month and also stated as "fast" it is worth a try.

Update: This post was written while markets were closed and we are happy to report the alerts are instantaneous as advertised.  Both the SMS and push notification were simultaneous as stated by Zapier.  You can see our DIA alert showing now and took me a min of fumbling to get the screens aligned for a screenshot, hence MOMO alert window showing "a min ago".  

SMS dialog and MOMO push notifications for DIA alert

Also, you can integrate MOMO alerts into Discord, Slack or email in a similar way. Here are those Zapier templates.

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