MOMO vs. Finviz, Trade-ideas Stock Screeners

July, 2018 Update: Since writing this post, we have released MOMOweb, our browser-based version for both desktop and mobile.

Lately we've had quite a few requests to add features that are more commonly found in desktop stock screeners and it has made us step back and rethink how we can improve. We are not trying to become a desktop scanner equivalent as our purpose and intent is focused on usability and quickly accessible data. Finviz, Trade-ideas, Scanz and related screeners that were developed over 10 years ago have suffered from feature creep and really have lost their direction.

In fact, we think all of them are unusable on mobile devices -- part of the reason we built MOMO to begin with!

MOMO HOD Scanner

MOMO is simply about displaying basic breakouts in the form of new highs and new lows as quickly and simply as possible -- so you can stay informed and act on these new portfolio impacting events. Volume, volatility, SMA crossovers, golden crosses, death cross, etc. all have their place, but when on a sales trip, lunch or while in bed watching pre-market, price is king. And if MOMO can notify you instantly of the movement on your mobile device versus waiting for batch screener jobs to execute minutes later, MOMO has done its job.

MOMO also incorporates a contemporary alerting system which desktop scanners are unable to offer in the form of push and in-app notifications; making MOMO two valuable tools in one.

If you've every used one Finvez, TradeIdeas or others you know there is a mind numbing amount of daily configuration. MOMO went out of the way to eliminate this in a way that doesn't require fits of daily reconfiguration. Personal experience proved that if you failed to make the right adjustment, were lazy that-one-day, or simply forgot; you potentially lost out on significant sums of money due to missed alert notifications.

While you may be wooed at the prospect of with having 200 possible indicators to choose from -- when on your mobile device these options are distractions and even if they had a mobile version of their screener you wouldn't be able to weigh the impact of the alert when you are away from your desk living your life.

We also think, from a price perspective, MOMO is an incredible value. Nobody has offered a mobile equivalent in the years since our first release. There is a reason for that - it wasn't easy to build. For less than 2 trades a month, you get the convenience and power of MOMO on your phone. If you've already checked out the one's mentioned above and came here looking for an alternative; you know how much they cost per month.

All approaches have limitations, MOMO's strength is surfacing portfolio-relevant change as quickly as possible with the least amount of clutter and ambiguity so you can use it any time and any place.

Give MOMO a try - we think you will like it. It comes with a free daily 5 min trial for you to use everyday until you decide MOMO is right for you.


//Profit from Momentum