MOMO Pro Review from a 7-Figure Trader

Background: Jeff caught our attention after quickly gaining an online following for not only some of his large profitable trades, but for his genuine interest to help others.  The particular message which triggered our interest was when Jeff stated  "its more costly to not subscribe to MOMO than just the monthly fee". We asked him if he would be interested in documenting how he uses MOMO as part of his trading strategy and here is his response.  Thanks Jeff!

When I first resumed trading after a long break, I was astounded at how well the “Gurus” identified the stocks that were going to be “In Play” that day. It made it seem like they had some sort of “crystal ball” I did not have. Turns out, they did. They all do. The new crystal ball is the MOMO Scanner.

The MOMO Scanner is the third most important tool I use in trading, and the first two are not much use without it. The first tool is my brain (suspect), the second is my charting package. The MOMO Scanner shows me what stocks I should be thinking about that day, preparing to chart and trade on. It is like I am going to work in  the kitchen every day, and the MOMO Scanner picks out the ingredients I will be working with that day.

Top Gainers, Top Losers, Top Volume. These are stocks that are moving, that will attract attention from other traders. MOMO sorts through and delivers these according to my particular needs. I scalp some of these as Mometic alerts the movement. For many, I chart the impulse MOMO alerted me to, wait for a pullback and play a breakout trade. I find often these same tickers identified in the Pre-market are the ones I am scalping and swinging all day.

I follow some “Gurus” also and now I often have the ticker up before the “Guru”  calls it. It allows me quicker entries, quicker action, higher profits. I paid for my scanner with my first trade. Often after trading hours I will examine stocks MOMO pointed out that I did not trade and chart them. I have found these quick, active runners, often slow down then have a “second act” that is slower, and easier to trade.

One great thing about Mometic versus others I have tried is the ability to use it on all my devices. I will normally start on my Ipad  when I wake up, move to my Notebook Computer, have coffee, switch to iPhone as I commute to my office, and then change to my desktop.

-- Jeff from Atlanta, GA