MOMO Pro... On the Cusp!

Exciting news!  MOMO Pro is almost here!  We are putting the final touches to make sure it is ready and will be releasing in next two weeks.

For many of you from the Apple and Google app stores, this will be the first time visiting - so thank you for stopping by!

Native Cross-Platform Support from a Single Account

The first version of MOMO was released in 2015, and we have been continuously working to meet everyone's needs.  MOMO Pro brings powerful new features as well as new platform from which we can build in even more capability. As you can see from above, the entire layout and design is completely reworked!  We think it looks amazing and have been using behind closed doors for past couple of months (Even with a few bugs we like it that much better.)

For those of you have not been following us on Twitter or Facebook, you may not know what is in store.  So here are a few of the new features that will be available in MOMO Pro.

  • Improved Alerts - Now 4 different alert types high/low, percent gain, unusual volume, and VWAP delta
  • Alert History - MOMOweb had alert history, but it was buried in a tab.  New Alert history is visible from main view.
  • MOMO Pro is fully responsive. Further for those who just want to keep things simple, you can toggle features on and off  to make MOMO Pro look and behave like old MOMO.  
  • Discovery is an entirely different table view which captures and sorts the biggest movers based on percent gain, volume, unusual volume, VWAP delta, and our new proprietary momentum indicator.

As we have 3 existing platforms we will try and help everyone make the switch painlessly.  We ask for your patience as there are certainly going to be unexpected hiccups; but we promise we will take care of you and get you onboard.

Please stay posted and be sure to get us your email address if you want to get the latest news first.  The best way of you are an app user is to just register for MOMOweb (don't pay, unless you want to) and this will capture your email for future notices.

As part of the release we will be launching an new web site with entirely new look and feel,  so don't be surprised if looks different than you remember.

As always, thank you for the ongoing support. We are very excited to bring this to everyone -  it is our most ambitious overhaul to date and want to make sure we make it go as smoothly as possible.  If you have any questions, drop us an email at

Brent @ Mometic
//Profit from Momentum