MOMO Pro+ Now Available!

Even more MOMO!

That's right!  As promised we have been back at it to skew the value curve of MOMO even more.  We've baked in amazing goodness into the entire platform and have created another plan (cleverly named MOMO Pro+) for our most nuanced and advanced features.

First, we have good news for all - our Neural Voice Notifications are going to be available on all plans!  We are so excited about this capability that it would be a shame to limit to just one plan.

Neural Voice brings life-like voice to MOMO.  When doing our research on how to do this text to speach we were bothered at the prospect of using a single robotic voice, which is the most common approach.  We wanted a voice that was not annoying and found a way to use AI-based, "neural" voice.  Not only that you can assign different voices to different MOMO functionality.  Assign new highs to one voice, new lows to another, and your conditional alerts to a third.  With five available voices you have incredible flexibility as well as the ability to distinguish alert types by the unique accent and gender of the voice.

To top that off - you can select whether you want the symbol spoken or the actual name associated with the symbol.  This works on all devices - whether mobile or desktop.  Windows, Android, MacOS, and IOS all support our Neural Voice.  

Click to Play MOMO Neural Voice Sample

As for MOMO Pro+... It is the total package and includes our most powerful tools for scanning the market and uncovering breakouts sooner.

MOMO Pro+ includes MoneyFlow, MOMO Squeeze, and all new Conditional Alerts.  MOMO Pro+ also is includes notification webhooks to provide API integration with your messaging and trading tools.  

We've already blogged on MOMO Squeeze and MoneyFlow (also don't forget our help documentation  and wanted but want to share a bit on  Conditional Alerts.

Unlike  other MOMO notifications which are symbol and settings driven, Conditional alerts are based on one or more defined criteria and alert with the symbols meeting the conditional criteria. What's more, you can assign Conditional alerts to our Neural Voice Notifications.

The following example shows a conditional alert with a price range of $10 to $250 and a price change of 3% or greater with unusual volume of 50% greater than average with the category limited to Technology sector and 1 hour timeframe.  

Conditions may be built on any of the ten available criteria.  Built-in rules ensure your condition will have valid results.  The available criteria include: avg volume, float, last price, momentum, price change %, unusual volume, VWAPdist% , money  flow $, money flow % and squeeze state.

After defining your condition, select appropriate categories and timeframe (rate of change) to evaluate against.  The timeframe baselines what your condition will be compared against.  For example, if condition is  price % = 3% and  1 hour timeframe this  would report all symbols which have increased 3% verses prior hour last price.  

You may also define negative conditions.  

That is all on MOMO Pro+!  Visit to get started or check out available MOMO plans.  We've worked hard on this to get it right.  Voice notifications were a top requested feature and we think Conditional alerts are a gamechanger based on our internal tests.  

Happy Trading!

Team @ Mometic