MOMO Press Release: Best Stock App to Discover New Trade and Investment Opportunities.

“We have built an app which enables active stock investors and traders find new opportunities in real-time.”

Dallas, TX: Mometic, LLC, July 22nd, 2015 MOMO Stock Discovery is now available in the App Store for iOS users.
MOMO provides a new way to stay up to date on stock market activity and solves an age-old problem for people who are too consumed with work and life activities to keep up with big investment opportunities.

Before MOMO, busy traders and investors would learn of a stock following a big move in evening news or online after a fifteen, twenty or even fifty percent change; resulting in “chasing” profits and poor outcomes.

Brent Gaynor, Founder of Mometic states, “With over 6500 stocks in the US stock market alone, it is very difficult to discover which stocks are breaking out among all the noise. Media outlets only report on what the masses view as popular and outdated watch-lists are manually entered, unwieldy with more than a dozen or so entries and do little to uncover new trading opportunities. MOMO filters out the 6500 US stocks that are not moving, so you can concentrate on those that are – before others.”

MOMO Features

MOMO was purpose-built to instantly report new daily stock highs and lows enabling users to discover and alert themselves to important price activity. MOMO utilizes cloud backend processing and a real-time datafeed optimized for mobile data usage. MOMO also integrates with iOS extensions and leading social stock service, StockTwits, to deliver timely social insight. "MOMO is just the type of app we created StockTwits API’s for. With our trending stocks, MOMO users can quickly identify momentum stocks with strong social signals and quickly engage with others – a powerful combination,” says Howard Lindzon, Founder of StockTwits and Robinhood investor.

Gesture-based design provides natural one-handed usability.
MOMO is designed to be an immediate asset. Discrete menus maximize screen-viewing area and intuitive controls don’t overcomplicate its purpose.

Follow the buzz with StockTwits
– A natural partner, StockTwits is a “Twitter for Stocks” that gives MOMO users the latest news and social insight. If you see a “ST” on the MOMO stream - it signifies the stock is receiving notable StockTwits activity.

Monitor 52-week highs and lows at a glance
– New 52-week milestones are highlighted within the stream for easy recognition whether long or short.

Share with your friends, advisor, or colleague.
– Integrated sharing features in MOMO let you quickly tap and send real-time breakout activity via iMessage, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and StockTwits.

Stay notified when your phone is in your pocket
– MOMO stock alerts are the easiest and fastest alerts in the business. Features include alert frequency settings and iOS notification integration.

Leave the desktop with extended hours support
– Keep tabs on volatile after-hours activity due to earnings, economic events, and analyst upgrades/downgrades. MOMOs datastream and stock alerts are both fully functional in pre-market and after-hours trading.

**** iOS Version Now Available for iPhone and iPad ****
Use Link or search:"MOMO Stock Discovery"in Apple App Store

How much does MOMO cost?

MOMO is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and available as a paid subscription, available monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Monthly subscriptions are $10.99 with significant quarterly and annual pre-payment discounts.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, and our trial process is unique. Get familiar with MOMO everyday for up to 5 minutes a day until you decide you want unlimited use. You receive unrestricted and un-delayed data to experience MOMO with no ads or distractions.

Does it work on X platform?

We developed MOMO to be platform independent. After we get 1.0 on iOS released; Android and desktop versions will follow.

Blogger or press inquiry?

We have a MOMO review guide, stock photos and are readily available to discuss MOMO. Contact us at

About Mometic

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