Controlling Your Emotions in the Face of Data

One concern we had when developing MOMO was whether or not we provided "too much" data. Given that we are streaming from the world's largest stock market, this required some exploration. When we look back at our first proof of concept, it was clear MOMO was providing a ton of data, but we also concluded that the way the data was presented was unprecidented and extremely useful in most trading and investing when users were trying to closely monitor price action and discover new investment opportunities.

That said, MOMO is a bit like a pilot's altimiter -- critical to navigate the skies, yet if you don't look out into the distance you are headed for trouble.

And just like a pilot, in the face of numerous inputs, he needs to consume these inputs intelligently. Given all the tools available, you need to look forward and capitalize on the task at hand.

Ryan K.
//Profit from Momentum