New Stream functionality - "Near" HOD/LOD

Ever have that feeling that you want to be more prepared for breakouts? Our new "Near" HOD/LOD is built to help. Trading can get chaotic and you lose track of opportunities while analyzing others. And while the default HOD/LOD setting is incredible for uncovering breakouts, Near HOD/LOD gives you that extra edge when pacing the market and trying to keep up with multiple plays on the cusp of a break.

How does it work?

Our new Mode functionality is a Stream setting to give you the option to set Near HOD/LOD parameters to help get in front of the potential breakout.

In Stream settings you simply chose the preferred Mode.

  • Default - is our standard intraday high or low of day breakout.
  • Near .10 - is used to be notified when a stock is .10 away from prior HOD or LOD.
  • Near 1% - is used to be notified when a stock is 1% away from prior HOD or LOD.

Additionally, ass you can see above you can assign a color to each Stream to aid in reference.

Important note!

Some users over-filter their Stream. With the available filters its quickly easy to eliminate any possible stocks from the Stream. ATR% and GAP% are the most sensitive. It's also important to note that we believe the break of prior day highs and lows is a significant event. This setting is only to help you be able to set up for the potential break a bit sooner.

That's it! We welcome hearing how about your success!

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