MOMO Trader Book Review

This week I finished reading "MOMO Trader" by Brady Dahl. To be honest, I didn't expect much from it based on how it was derived, but I found myself thoroughly enjoying the content and the narrative format.

Brady sent me a promotional copy with no strings attached, but I think its worth sharing this book since it hits on more than what you find in many trading books that seem to focus on "how-to" or technical analysis.

MOMO Traders Stock Market Book Review

MOMO Traders follows more of a interview approach similar to something like The Big Short where the author chronicles stories from multiple people in the industry to allow the reader to draw their own conclusions.

What I liked and found useful were not only the few tricks these traders uncovered, but also the recognition of how their biases and bad habits had gotten the best of them - to better illustrate how I have to also face them to improve.

Day trading is a lonely journey where you learn more about yourself than nearly any other ambition. I think MOMO Traders helps bring this to light and add perspective.

One of the biggest takeaways that I agree with was that you will not become a successful trader until you become "numb" to the wins and losses. Many of the interviewed traders mention this and I couldn't agree more. I believe this only can be accomplished when you are free from having to pay monthly bills based on your profits and your success isn't dictated based on a day, week or even a month's worth of trades.

The book did have some curious omissions, while it tried to cover a variety of different traders and styles, it seemed peculiar that options were not mentioned a single time. While I've personally moved away from options by and large, a good number of the traders interviewed where short-biased and mentioned how it was difficult to locate shares to short. In these cases, given huge conviction on a trade it would seem to make sense to buy puts in lieu of finding shares to short. And while you may or may not be long-biased, I think it is highly advantageous to understand the mind of someone who likes to play short.

There was also no mention of crypto or futures if that is your thing. I don't think this detracts from the purpose of the book, I just felt it was worth mentioning if you require reading about traders in your markets.

MOMO Traders is fairly steep at $41 shipped, but I think its worth the price of admission given that its a very niche topic and offers some inner perspectives which readers will be able to reflect upon to improve their day trading.

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