MOMO Pro Scanner Feature Breakdown

Someone was asking for a detailed list MOMO Pro's features and capabilities so we decided to share here for those of you also looking. If you happen to be a developer or perhaps curious about our technology,  a quick rundown of our architecture is provided at the end.

MOMO Platform

  • Real-time last trade data that is streamed and not batch updated.
  • Responsive design for any desktop or device with browser.  Supports push notifications for the browsers offering push support
  • One subscription for all browsers less than 1/2 the cost of other scanner type tools that only work on Windows with downloads
  • Utilizes browser scaling ctrl + and - provides zoom to scale for screen size and needs
  • Optimize view by hiding components not required to maximize space and also full screen modes for Stream and Discovery.
  • Quick links integration for quickly looking up any related news to breakout directly on 3rd party sites to ensure getting latest updates.
  • Full extended hours support - from 4am to 7pm EST.

MOMO Standard (Stock Scanner)

  • New - Custom Stream allows users to upload and utilize Stream logic to focus on their specific watchlist, unique sectors (e.g. SPACs, etc)
  • Heads up Quotes for capturing and referencing stocks of interest.  Easily add & remove Favorites with one tap
  • Dual Social Trending indicators - Stocktwits trending integration and Plus MOMO Pro Engagement Based Popularity
  • Real time alerts - 5 alert types, no maintenance and auto resetting daily. VWAP, Daily High/Low, VWAP deviation, Price change%, Halts
  • New - Filter or Iconify optionable stocks
  • Alert History captures alerts for reference
  • MOMO Meters - Market Breadth indicators for heads up reference to market bias.
  • 52 week high and low indicators
  • Breakout Count to show strength of movement
  • Custom settings to adjust stream by Industry, Volume, Price range, and Float (New)

MOMO Pro ( w/ Discovery Stock Screener) - All features found in Standard Plus

  • Infinite scroll Discovery engine allows quick assessment of top performers based on custom filters and sorting.
  • Custom conditional filters - build views which can be easily referenced based on multiple rows of column data
  • CSV download of filtered criteria (easter egg - mouse over Discovery Icon
  • Favorites view to provide additional dimension of stock watchlist
  • Instant search for querying stocks identified in Stream for research
  • Unusual volume - based on 15min snapshots continually indexed for quicker identification of potential movement (others are cumulative)
  • Proprietary Momentum indicator to highlight strength of move.
  • VWAP deviation to show stocks overextending from VWAP at any point in time
  • Float data provides reference for stocks with maximum breakout potential

MOMO Architecture

  • Build on Amazon AWS.  20+ instances with dev & prod using full CI/CD methodologies.
  • Multiple REST data streams merged into common datastream that are processed and shared with frontend worker instances.  
  • Various serverless Lambda functions to poll and update data stores
  • Utilizing Firebase to process push notifications. Processing roughly 2 million push notifications/day across all of Mometic.  
  • AWS Elasticsearch is used for screener while the scanning functionality is streamed in real-time.
  • AWS Elasticbeanstalk is used for loadbalancing and scale.  
  • Cloudfront provides CDN services for stream and scanner.