MOMO Quick Links Speed Breakout Research

One of the things we see everyone using way more than we thought is MOMO Pro's Quick Link feature.  Whether it is from your insatiable curiosity, convenience, or greed it is being used - a lot!

Quick Links started out as a simple way to check news quickly to help gain an understanding for a stock's movement.  We intended to provide our own news feed to fill this need, but are finding it may not be needed.  Reason being - we are thinking everyone prefers to go to the most popular news sources so they can be confident that they are seeing the most comprehensive and up to date information.  

If you don't know what Quick Links are check out the video below to see what we are talking about. It's a simple feature, but remarkably convenient when wanting to make fast decisions.

To use it, simply click on any displayed symbol on the dashboard. Quick Link selections are available on the Popular, Quotes, Stream, and Discovery views.

Available now on MOMO Pro.