MOMO Product Update

We've been a bit quiet on the communications front, but we are working behind the scenes to bring new functionality to better help sniff out breakouts.  You may have also noticed we have stumbled on the App front.  We had frustrating issues on the backends that required us to rearchitect things and think we finally have solved them!  

Notably –

Remember the market open lag?  The massive surge at market open would regularly stall the MOMO apps and MOMOweb for up to 10 minutes.  This persisted regardless of how large we made our Amazon AWS instance.  Happy to report this appears to be fixed.  We have 20 instances churning between dev and production and have it hardened to meet the next 1500 point drop.  

Another thing we fixed were the "Connection Not Available" and "Market Idle" errors in the apps.  These issues were not related to the stalling but related to how we tried to establish connections to your phones.  We were being ambitious in our initial approach (and perhaps a bit green) and have pulled back a bit to prioritize a solid connection.

Perhaps most exciting is that we have been working on MOMO Pro.  A completely overhauled web platform that we plan on building on for the years to come.  We have included two of your most frequently requested features and we can't wait to share more.  If you are as excited as we are and are ok checking out pre-release software give us a shout.

Ryan K. //Profit from Momentum