Comprehensive MOMO Pro Feature Cheat Sheet

We've added a ton of features over the past year and find that its become hard for users to scroll through our blog and help documentation to get a quick overview of our features, so we made this cheat sheet.  This is current as of 4/12/2022.

Feature Component Description Version
Multi-Range Scan Filter Stream Filter Stream on following elements; Price, Avg. Vol, Float, Count, or Industry All
Stock Count Stream Numerical indicator to show number of new highs or lows made for the day. All
User-defined Breakout Scan Stream Upload CSV or manually add symbols for scan of user-defined symbols All
52wk High/Low Breakout Scan Stream Solid background cells indicate new 52wk high or lows event All
Optionable Stock Indicator Stream / Discovery Setting to show Icon or filter based on whether stock has options (call/put) available All
Socially Trending Indicator Stream / Discovery Highlight stocks trending on Stocktwits All
News Indicator Stream / Discovery Configurable News Indicator to highlight recent news All
Popular Stocks Popular Ranked listing of top 100 trending stocks on MOMO, calculated based on user engagement. All
Installable PWA on Android / IOS Platform Modern technology enables mobile installation to improve performance and provide badges and app-like experience. All
Neural Voice Platform Lifelike voice notifications provide audible alerts. 5 assignable voices to multiple areas of MOMO with option to say Company name or symbol. All
Quicklinks Platform Launch 3rd Party sites in new tab by selecting symbol. Options inc. CNBC, Marketwatch, SeekingAlpha, Stocktwits, Nasdaq All
Configurable UI Platform Adjust, resize, and toggle features to support specific needs All
Works on any Device Platform Your MOMO subscription works on phone, tablet, or your desktop individually or simultaneously. All
Mute SEC Filings News Option to disable verbose SEC filings from primary News view All
Quick News launcher News Clicking any symbol on platform will auto-load news for quick reference. All
Filtered search News Option to filter news based on Favorites. All
Symbol based search News Search any symbol for latest news, with recent search history All
Realtime News News Less than 250ms news feed across entire market All
Breakout Stock Scanner Stream Scan entire US market for new daily highs and lows. Base functionality includes intraday price delivered in realtime based on last trade. (includes regular and extended market hours) All
MOMO Meters Meters Rolling 3min market breadth for SPY, DOW, and Nasdaq provides rapid bias of market All
Blink Indicator Favorites Quotes, Popular Symbols in Favorites and Popular will flash to illustrate symbol is in process of making a new high or low All
Price Pin Favorite Quotes Capture & track performance gains since date of quote addition to Favorites with ability to reset. All
Favorite Quotes Favorite Quotes Powerful Watchlist for up to 100 quotes. Features include: - daily highs/lows, daily sparkline chart, percent gain, sort by gain/alphabetical/or drag & drop, bulk comma seperated add and hotkey add with "/" All
Enable & Reorder Columns Discovery Hide/Show columns as well as drag & drop re-order columns Pro, Pro+
VWAP Dist Discovery Indicator to show percent deviation of current price to VWAP Pro, Pro+
Uvol (Unusual Volume) Discovery Proprietary volume algorithm to precisely account for unusual volume relative to historical trend. Pro, Pro+
MoneyFlow Discovery Also known as dollars traded. Calculated using VWAP price and volume, per timeframe. Sparkline chart and historical table for view of historical Moneyflow. Pro+
MOMO Squeeze Discovery 3-state MOMO Squeeze to identify extended periods of consolidation and current Squeeze breakouts. MOMO Squeeze utilizes nearly same logic as TTM Squeeze, but refactored into a scan friendly format. Pro+
Momentum Discovery Proprietary MOMO indicator showing directional velocity per timeframe Pro, Pro+
Float Discovery Outstanding float per symbol Pro, Pro+
Volume Discovery Current volume per chosen timeframe Pro, Pro+
MOMO Trend Discovery Supertrend inspired indicator to provide directional indication with trend change pop-up Pro+
Last Price Discovery Last traded price with percent gain/loss Pro, Pro+
Favorite-based Filter Discovery Filter favoritest to quickly see positions Pro, Pro+
Symbol-based Search Discovery Instant indexed symbol search for quick look up. Pro, Pro+
Filter Builder Discovery Create boolean based filters utilizing up to 11 different criteria Pro, Pro+
19 Available Filterable Industries Discovery 19 different SIC code based industries with multi-select Pro, Pro+
1 min. update with realtime override Discovery All table data is updated every 60 seconds across against alll timeframes Pro, Pro+
CSV Download Discovery Download any current filtered Discovery view as CSV Pro, Pro+
Momentum Stock Screener Discovery Timeframe based Screener for Identification of movements based on 10 different momentum indicators across both regular and extended (pre/post) market hours Pro, Pro+
Webhook API Alerts Integrate MOMO alerts to 3rd party services such as SMS, Zapier, IFTTT, or Discord with our Webhooks Pro+
Conditional Programmable Alerts Alerts Define multi-parameter conditions to return symbols meeting criteria Pro+
Price % Alerts Alerts Set alerts per symbol based on % change. Configurable percentage setting to define alert trigger. Pro, Pro+
VWAP Dist % Alerts Alerts Set alerts per symbol based on % of deviation from VWAP. Set percentage threshold to define alert trigger Pro, Pro+
Unusual Volume Alerts Alerts Set alerts to notify on unusual volume per listed symbol. Set percentage threshold to define alert trigger. Pro, Pro+
High/Low Alerts Alerts Set alerts for symbols to receive push notifcations on new daily highs or lows. Set sensitivity to adjust rate of alert. All