MOMO Pro Discovery Performance Upgrade Now Available!

With our every-increasing data demands, performance requirements, and growing international audience we have had to re-architect our data delivery.  
Until today we have been using a fairly standard approach using a combination of sockets and REST calls sent from a single, large cloud server located in the US. Perhaps unsurprisingly with payloads approaching 10Mb (2.6Mb Gzipped) per minute, we’ve had performance issues with those having limited connectivity and/or those on the other side of the world  (Singapore, Australia, and Malaysia in particular, but subscribers in Sweden and  UK have also occasionally reported issues).  

So while we knew our existing architecture was not ideal, it was supporting our needs for providing users with a fast queried desktop-like experience, in that the user was able to query, sort, and filter without an annoying server lookup delay.  

MOMO Pro Dashboard

Introducing Distributed MOMO Pro!
Where we previously were sending all Discovery data from one central location in Virginia, we now are publishing Discovery data directly to all of AWS Cloudfront CDN's to move the data closer to everyone’s  location.  

As a side benefit, we can now cost effectively reduce the refresh of the 2.6Mb dataset by 30 seconds.  (We are very excited about this!)

Amazon CloudFront Edge Locations
AWS CDN Locations which will distribute MOMO Pro Discovery data

Our testing has shown some local (in USA) performance improvement on slower connections, but we really anticipate greater consistency  internationally during increased load, especially as we grow our dataset.

Lastly, by offloading requests from the cloud server our notification experience should improve to some small degree.

Net-net: All MOMO Pro subscribers will now receive a 30-second faster refresh on Discovery (down from 1 minute) as well as a bulletproof loading experience.  International traders using MOMO Pro (manly those in Europoe and Asia) will have no longer experience slow Discovery updates or timeouts where Discovery data doesn’t appear during peak traffic hours.

This is a very contemporary architectural improvement and hopefully everyone enjoys the improved MOMO Pro experience.

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Team @ Mometic