Using MOMO for Passive Stock Market Awareness

When in “full-on” trading mode I have MOMO set up next to my main screen using my iPad and a stand. It works great. Undoubtedly the data stream can be overwhelming if trying to consume every last symbol, but I use it to highlight not only the breakouts (FCEL, ULTA, PCLN, KBIO, LAKE, and DATA) but to point out changing trends. For example, I regularly have my alerts include GLD, UST, VXX, and TLT. In addition to common index and ETF alerts like SPY, DIA, IBB, and QQQ I feel have a well-rounded view of the market and can see where the market is headed based on these alone whether in front of my computer or not.


The “not”, brings up how MOMO works for “passive market awareness”. Perhaps a lame title and I should have put more effort into it, but it gets my point across. An unintended benefit of MOMO is staying abreast of the market while, "not trading". If you are like me, and are always wondering or at least like to be reassured that the market isn't making notable moves -- MOMO stock alerts are ideal for providing reassurance. Given the alerts I keep above for macro awareness, on the occasional day I’m not trading while the market is open it is great to have MOMO passively share market movements. I typically have my notifications on vibrate, so I can quietly get alerted when the market is reaching new highs or lows. But equally reassuring is when MOMO is quiet or vibration-free. During off days, whether golfing on vacation, etc. It’s very comforting knowing your not missing anything and you can shut off the market. In the past, I’d find myself constantly hitting my trading account, CNBC, etc. and interrupting my "day off".