How to Pay for a Year of MOMO in 1 Trade

For those of you who don't know, MOMO is priced at $10.99/mo. or $75/yr ($74 and change actually), making it not free. Free apps have ads, poor UI, non-existent support, and generally are crap and free for a reason. Having said that, all of us are looking out for a deal or a way to justify a purchase. While we think there are many reasons to use MOMO, one standout application that everyone has lived through is dealing with pre-market and after-hours earnings and stock news.

Since the powers that be -- big banks and the others who make the "rules" have deemed stop orders (stop loss, stop limit, hidden stop) only usable during market hours, you are completely exposed to huge market swings in the instance you miss an earnings date or there is a news release. The reasoning for ignoring stop orders after-hours which we all are told and accept is there isn't liquidity in extended-hours trading and stops can be easily manipulated. We happen to think otherwise, and think the market is easily manipulated since the market doesn't support stops after hours.

That said, MOMO is your best and most effective safety net for after hours monitoring of the market. NFLX, AMZN, ICPT, CMG, TSLA and other smaller stocks have recently had huge after-hours movement and MOMO is the only real-time stock alerting app that can let you know when your stock starts making huge after hours moves so you can take action after a few dollars of movement and let others deal with a fifty dollar drop. (Sorry options traders, we can't help you since options trading is closed, but you already knew that).

So, in case you didn't connect the dots, if MOMO saves you even a $1 on a lot (100 shares), you have more than paid for a year of MOMO. (We think you'll save much more than that)