Goodbye Streetsmart, Hello MOMO Pro!

May 1st, 2024 update: We've recently enhanced our HOD/LOD to include limit up/limit down (LULD) values as well as a realtime halt bar. This includes the ability to see active halts and the duration as well as their resumption (note image below).

We recently learned of Streetsmart from a customer who loved the Streetsmart High/Low scanner and came to us looking for the same. Apparently Schwab is discontinuing Streetsmart as part of its consolidation efforts and none of their tools have similar functionality; so we are trying to get word out as we would love to show you MOMO Pro and our HOD/LOD scanner.

If you're a Streetsmart Edge trader, you likely recently received the news that Charles Schwab will soon be sunsetting the platform. As part of their "effort to offer clients a consistent, unified trading experience across devices, Streetsmart's traders are recommended to transition to one of Schwab's other premier platforms."

Updated HOD/LOD Scan with LULD and Halt Notification Bar

But if you've become attached to Streetsmart high/low scanner this may be unwelcome news – and we hear you - we love High/Low functionality too. The good news is we are not going anywhere MOMO Pro has many more features.

As a long-time trader, I understand the frustration getting your trading rig brings. The awareness a High/Low scanner brings is something that would be impossible or at least very challenging for me to deal with.

So for those of you looking for your Streetsmart high/low alternative - look no further. I think you will love the flexibility and performance as we have listened to our customers and modified it accordingly over the years.

The screenshot above is showing a small subset of features and settings. So here is a quick list to get a feel for our HOD/LOD Stream:

  • Realtime last print high of day/low of day Stream
  • Ability to have 2 simultaneous Streams with different settings
  • Near HOD/LOD functionality to catch stocks making subsequent push
  • Symbol highlighting for 52wk high/low
  • Works on your mobile devices and even pushes alerts.
  • Mouse-over functionality provides full company name
  • Neural Voice squawk to call out highs/lows as they occur.
  • Multiple source formats: Filter, Custom, Favorite, or Popular
  • 7 different parameter filters
  • Modal pop-out with multi-screen support to resize and fit in existing trading setup
  • Iconic indicators for News, Options, Socially Trending, and Favorites

If you find yourself facing frustration with Schwab and their "Streetsmart transition", know that you have options. Our Stream may look different (better!), but know you can continue to trade as you were and possibly with even more success.

I welcome any fellow Streetsmart traders to reach out with questions or to discuss alternatives you’ve found in your own research. You may be losing Streetsmart, but your trading does not have to stall as a result.

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