MOMO Favorite Watchlist Tweak

Our Favorites implementation is unique and highly usable.  In building we wanted something that wasn't as annoying as a traditional watchlist that only showed percent gain and wanted it to be more dynamic for quickly adding and removing stocks.  

Currently, you can drag & drop any symbol to re-order as needed using the grabber bars on the top of each symbol (series of dots in center).  

You can also add/remove buy clicking the "+" on left of Favorite menu or using your keyboard "/" key.  You may also expand with the "^" carat.  

And with our latest tweak you can sort your favorites by % gain or alphabetically using the expansion menu Favorites as shown below.

This is great  for quickly navigating a large list of stocks and monitoring your positions.

NOTE: You may still drag & drop after you select one of these sort options as a starting point.  The sort option will be disengaged from overriding the setting, but may be re-selected at any time.

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Happy Trading!

Team @ Mometic