MOMO Pro Category Update

Since we updated our categorization to follow the SIC standard it has been much easier to fine-tune our groupings.  Some of you asked for us to breakout Biotech from Healthcare, so we did!  

The new Biotech category contains the following SIC Code ranges:

2830 -  Drugs
2833 -  Medicinal chemicals
2834 -  Pharmaceutical preparations
2835 -  In vitro, in vivo diagnostic substances
2836 -  Biological products, except diagnostic substances
8731 -  Commercial physical and biological research

As of today, there are 293 symbols in Healthcare and 750 in Biotech out of a total of 11,680 total symbols.   We hope this allows you to better zoom in on biotech's.

We have also updated Categorization selector so you may now select one or more categories.  (To do so, simply click the categories of interest to select or deselect).

New mult-category selector for Discovery.