2 Quick MOMO Squeeze Examples

MOMO Squeeze was a recent addition last month to help show stocks exhibiting consolidation and impending breakouts (whether up/down).  We incorporated used the logic in TTM Squeeze as a starting point and refined to better work across timeframes and illustrate the values in our Discovery view.

We haven't spent enough time showcasing how powerful this is for uncovering future breaks, but took a few screenshots to highligh 2 of the 3 Squeeze states (NOW and PRE).

In the PRE state you can clearly see the consilidation.  As the PRE indicator shows Ford (F) has been in a Squeeze for 21 bars (days in this timeframe) and is in a tight channel.

MOMO Squeeze (PRE State)

The NOW state state as shown below is highlighting Biogen (BIIB) making a clean move out of its daily consolidation zone.  This break also highlights the outsized potential that can occur when exiting a period of consolidation.  

MOMO Squeeze (NOW State)

With the MOMO Discovery custom filters you can customize the criteria further to include price, unusual volume or any of the available criteria to refine your results.

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Team @ Mometic